Long ago when I was young, politicians claimed to believe in world disarmament as an objective.

I never believed for a moment that they were sincere, but at least they kept up the pretence. Now they no longer even try.

Boris Johnson’s announcement that he intends to spend £16 million extra over a four-year period on so-called Defence does not even mention the word “disarmament” but envisages a future of wars and yet more wars for ever and ever, Amen.

The hands on the Doomsday Clock which registers the threat to the planet from nuclear war and climate change have recently been moved from two minutes to midnight to one minute and 40 seconds. But Johnson clearly has no intention of signing the treaty banning nuclear weapons which has recently come into force.

As for climate change... well on one day Boris Johnson introduces a Green New Deal which aims to get rid of all but electric cars to cut emissions; then the next day he decides to increase spending on ships, fighters and rockets which will increase emissions.

Anybody who is really serious about climate change must oppose Boris’s plans on that ground alone.

If Extinction Rebellion really means business it must estimate the increase in the carbon footprint that will result from Boris Johnson’s proposals (and where is the money coming from to pay for them?)

Malcolm Pittock