Pubs across Bolton are teaming up with restaurants and food suppliers to stay open under current restrictions.

Tier 3 restrictions, which have been in place for a week now, mean that restaurants and bars cannot serve alcohol unless it comes with a "substantial meal".

Many pubs across the borough do not serve food at all, meaning many have took the decision to close their doors.

However, some have teamed up with local restaurants in order to serve the substantial meals needed and keep their doors open.

One to do this is Ye Olde Man and Scythe in Churchgate.

The pub has teamed up with Carr's pasties and a Taste of Greece across the street to keep its doors open for customers.

Sonya Couperthwaite, said the food offering has been very popular with customers and is helping them to keep ticking over under the new restrictions.

She said: "We've always provided pasties but these didn't come under a "substantial meal".

"It's going steady for both us and a Taste of Greece because of this and is helping to keep us both afloat.

"The customers all seem happy enough with it too, a lot of people seem very happy with being able to get a light lunch with their drinks, makes it more relaxed.

"People seem a lot more understanding to the rules these days too, people understand that you have to be seated and eating with your meal so it's going quite well."

Sonya said that it was helping to increase business during the day, but that after 6pm Bolton was becoming a ghost town.

She added: "We're doing okay and ticking over with this, but if we didn't have this going then it would be more of a struggle as it's dead on Churchgate after six.

"This would usually be our busiest time of year with Halloween and being in the build up to Christmas but it's just not the same.

"It would be even more difficult if we didn't have this, most places have had to close with the new rules so it's good we can still serve.

"It was awful when we were made to close fully for the three weeks and then having to adjust to the new rules and just cope from announcement to announcement, its just meant people aren't confident to go out anymore.

"The 10 o'clock curfew has been awful too and we're definitely struggling without music, we've had to cancel so many events. It's not looking too good at the minute going into the future, we need more financial support.

"Out customers are still being really supportive though and people are pleasantly surprised with the food and pint service they are getting."

The Nook & Cranny in Bromley Cross has also taken this initiative, teaming up with Sushmasnacks to serve a selection of Indian street food to accompany a drink.

The bar ran a successful event on Wednesday and is teaming up with the Indian street food vendor again tonight.

The Nook and Cranny posted on social media saying: "We look forward to welcoming you all back...again."