A long running camera shop says it may struggle to survive much longer under current restrictions.

Mathers of Lancashire, a specialist independent camera shop, has been in its current location for over 30 years, but has been hit very hard by the coroanvirus.

Chris Webb, who co-owns the store with Steve McDonough, said footfall had dropped drastically in the town centre over the pandemic, affecting many independent businesses.

He said: "Last Saturday (October 24) was the quietest I've seen the shop and the town centre in the 30-odd years I've been here.

"We had people call us up asking if we were still open thinking tier 3 meant a full lockdown. People are still very confused over the restrictions.

"It's just been getting quieter and quieter. The car parks are empty, the pastie shops at lunch time are nowhere near as busy.

"It was really sad to see Whittakers shoe shop closing but it shows what effect this is having on specialist independent retailers, such as Whittakers and us.

"People just aren't coming into the town centre to shop anymore."

Mr Webb said the grants had helped to boost the business at the start of lockdown, but that money was starting to run out again.

Mr Webb continued: "If there's another lockdown I don't see us lasting much longer.

"The grants really helped around March but once the money runs out that will be it.

"We've had two customers in this morning but I doubt we'll get anymore.

"We'd need more grants to be able to carry on, covering salaries and overheads with little coming in is a struggle.

"With the way things are going with more lockdowns maybe on the way we can't see much of a future."

Mathers has been in Bolton since 1948 but can trace its history back to the original Mr Mather who opened a photographic business in 1901.