A MOTHER accused of allowing the death of her 12-month-old daughter was “deceived” by her “manipulative murderer” partner, a court has heard.

A trial at Manchester Crown Court has heard Chelsea Crilly, aged 20, was warned over the safety of child Orianna Crilly-Cifrova by authorities after starting a relationship with Jamie Chadwick, aged 22, while he was under investigation over injuries another child had suffered, referred to in court as Baby T

Chadwick denies attacking Orianna at their flat in Radcliffe, on October 16 last year and during evidence changed his initial account, that she had fallen down stairs, to accuse Crilly of kicking her.

In his closing speech on Thursday, Ian Henderson QC, representing Crilly, said she had been made aware of the investigation two months before she moved in with Chadwick.

But, he said, she had been reassured by Chadwick that he would never hurt a child.

Mr Henderson said: “It is crystal clear now, is it not, that she is painfully aware that she has been deceived by Jamie Chadwick and the consequences of her falling for his lies have been the death of her daughter.”

The court heard Chadwick had been left alone with Oriana at their flat on Cross Lane on October 16 and when Crilly returned the toddler appeared “floppy” and “white” in her pram, so emergency services were called.

Mr Henderson said: “We suggest that he (Chadwick) is a murderer, a manipulative murderer, who not only killed Oriana but also seriously injured Baby T.

“We suggest he is a scheming liar who deceived Chelsea Crilly and is prepared to sell anyone down the river to save his skin.”

Crilly was arrested on October 17 last year, one hour and 14 minutes after Oriana died at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

The court heard she had described Oriana as “my absolute everything” when giving evidence.

Mr Henderson said: “She has had this case hanging over her for just over a year.

“In addition to the pressure and concern she must have felt through that period she has had to endure the ultimate indignity from Jamie Chadwick who has suggested she has murdered her own child.”

In her evidence, Crilly accepted she lied to social workers, a healthcare visitor, police officers and doctors about her relationship with Chadwick before Oriana’s death.

Mr Henderson said: “Her essential reason for lying was because she did not believe Jamie Chadwick posed any threat to Oriana and she wanted the three of them to live together.”

He said those lies were now an embarrassment for Crilly.

Mr Henderson told the jury: “You may have concluded that the position she now has reached is that she simply doesn’t understand how she could have been so wrong about Jamie Chadwick.”

He said she now accepted, with hindsight, that she should have listened to advice.

The court has heard the investigation into Baby T, who suffered serious brain injuries, concluded after Oriana’s death and no further action was taken.

Crilly denies allowing the death of a child, and Chadwick denies murder.

The jury is expected to retire to consider its verdicts on Friday.