WITH Halloween looking very different this year, ‘ghost hunters’ Emma Foxcroft and Brent Whitworth have released their top 10 Bolton’s ‘most haunted’ to get people into the spirit.

The two run BE.Paranormal, to investigate reports of ghost sightings and hauntings as well as explore old buildings ­— of which there are plenty in Bolton.

Brent said: “Bolton has Smithills Halls and many historic buildings, all full of residual memories.

“We have carried out investigations in old buildings, cemeteries and other places.”

Emma said: “It is such a buzz when you feel something or go back home and have caught voices or orbs on the equipment you have caught.

“There are so many places in and around Bolton still to investigate.”

The paranormal investigators are hoping to carry out an investigation on Halloween itself, at the grounds of Lord Leverhulme’s home in Rivington.

Number one in their top ten most haunted is Smithills Hall, where during family days out they say they have experienced supernatural activity, including capturing singing in the oldest part of the hall and child’s voice ­— all when the hall was empty apart from them.

Turton Tower is a close second, where things are said to really go bump in the night. Third place is Hollinshead Hall ruins and Well House in Tockholes, on the outskirts of Bolton.

Smithills Wood sent shivers down the spine of the two, who felt they were not welcome, making it the fourth spookiest place. Number 5 is the Ye Olde Man and Scythe pub in Churchgate, Bolton, and six is Hall i’th’ Wood manor house.

Heaton cemetery is placed seventh, Watermillock is eight, nine is the moors around Rivington Pike and number 10 is Tonge Cemetery.

Emma said: “For me the most exciting thing about the investigation is the history of the places and being able to capture that.

“I have lived near these iconic places for years and to get that sense of history is just amazing.” Brent said: “We have more than 2,000 followers and people’s interest in the paranormal is growing, it is becoming big.

“People are looking for answers, is there life after death?”

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