Whilst I am not a Conservative party person, so have no hidden agenda with this letter, Bolton Council Leader (and one of my ward councillors) David Greenhalgh, surely deserves credit for standing up for the town’s economy against the demands of his Government and its PM regarding the virus ‘Tier’ category.

I heard Cllr Greenhalgh on BBC Radio5 Live’s Steven Nolan phone-in and our council leader was not willing to be brow-beaten and held firm with his views - wanting the very best for Bolton’s economy.

The debate rages on both sides, but squeezing the hospitality sector hard when such as supermarkets, churches and libraries allow socially distanced mingling is unfair surely?

Moreover, and I’m afraid to say all down to Conservative government cuts since 2010, severe reductions in local policing means that, once again, we see night-time gatherings of youths in the centre of Cllr Greenhalgh’s ward and with paths scattered with the metal ‘hippy crack’ canisters - all by young people who are hardly socially distanced, or mask wearing, as the bawling lads and screaming girls have a ‘great time.’

Whilst there was no real need for Conservatives, through severe budget cuts, to dismantle local policing teams in north Bolton (and elsewhere) which has left us with no useful support for many years, this should not mean that we should not pay tribute to the fight Cllr Greenhalgh has put up, doing his very best for the town in very difficult circumstances.

Simon Pearce