IF you have never been lucky with your regular lottery numbers, it might be time to switch to the postcode lottery.

Bolton has seen its fair share of postcode lottery winners- and some of them have scooped £30,000 prizes.  

Here is everything you need to know about the People’s Postcode Lottery- including which postcodes have seen the biggest winners.

What is the People’s Postcode Lottery?

People's Postcode Lottery is not like the ordinary lottery.

It is a subscription-based lottery where people sign up with their postcodes for £10 a month.

If a winning postcode is drawn, every subscriber in that postcode wins a cash prize.

Players are automatically entered into ever draw and prizes are announced every day of the month- sometimes they are as little as £10, other times you could win thousands.

Every Saturday and Sunday, winning postcodes are announced where players each win £30,000.

Once  a month, players in one postcode will share an incredible £3 million between them.

Best of all, 32% of the ticket price goes to charities.

The biggest People’s Postcode Lottery winners
(Data is based on wins since 2015)

Since 2015, three Bolton postcodes have won some of the top cash prizes in the People’s Postcode Lottery.


In 2016, BL3 4HD was the winning postcode in the region and two neighbours each scooped £25,000.

Angela Yates, 62, said:  “It’s a dream come true. I’m going to share this prize money with my three children.

"They’ll each get £5,000 each and the rest is mine.”

This Is Lancashire: Angel Yates (Photo: People's Postcode Lottery)Angel Yates (Photo: People's Postcode Lottery)

Maria Shaw also scooped the prize and her husband was there to collect it on her behalf.

He said: “Maria told me to wait at home for a delivery. I was having a morning coffee when I noticed the People’s Postcode Lottery van pull up and I thought maybe one of my neighbours had won.

"Then I realised they were coming to my door. I was stunned when the cheque for £25,000 was revealed.”

In 2017, this postcode won the £30,000 cash prize.

However, the same Egerton player had two tickets meaning they won a whopping total of £60,000.

One of the biggest postcode lottery wins in the area came from this Blackrod postcode in 2019 when there were eight winners of the £30,000 prize.

In total, winners in the postcode scooped a whopping £240,000 in total.

Daniel was one lucky winner and he said: “When the cheque was being pulled out the envelope, I couldn't believe how many zeros there were!

“I've never won anything in my life and I've only been playing for about a year.

“I can buy whatever I want now. My first purchase though has got to be a new car.”

This Is Lancashire: Daniel Watkins (middle) (Photo: People's Postcode Lottery)Daniel Watkins (middle) (Photo: People's Postcode Lottery)

While it may not be the biggest cash prize up for grabs, there have been 96 winning tickets of the £1000 prize since 2015.

Two Lostock neighbours won £1000 each back in September of this year when BL6 4DY was declared the Daily Prize winner.

BL2 6EE was also announced as a Daily Prize winner in May which saw nine people win £1000 each.

For more information on the People’s Postcode Lottery website, visit or their Facebook and Twitter pages.