A CLUBBER was attacked by a bouncer after he had been ejected from a Burnley nightclub.

Blackburn magistrates watched CCTV footage which showed Irfan Shazad, wearing an orange Hi-Viz coat, run across the road outside Mode on Hammerton Street, approach the other man from behind and then punch him in the face.

The victim suffered a broken nose in the attack.

Shazad, 33, of Whitendale Crescent, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to assaulting Keiron Morris causing him actual bodily harm. He was sent to Burnley Crown Court to be sentenced on November 9.

Malcolm Isherwood, prosecuting, said the CCTV footage clearly showed the defendant run across the road towards the victim, who was walking away from the club entrance, and punch him from behind.

Mr Isherwood said the aggrieved was very drunk and as such was vulnerable.

"Another aggravating factor is that the defendant was working as a doorman involved in the security of the premises and the people using the club," said Mr Isherwood.

"The aggrieved had been ejected from the club and as he walked away the defendant made a b-line for him. It was clearly an attack on someone who didn't need to be attacked."

Neil Howard, defending, said there had been a long disagreement inside the club during which Mr Morris was challenging all the doormen to fight and had been aggressive throughout the incident.

"I have to accept the situation is aggravated by the fact my client is a trained doorman and the aggrieved had walked across the street when he was attacked."