There is new research out on Covid-19 titled “Adherence to the test, trace and isolate system: results from a time series of 21 nationally representative surveys in the UK (the Covid-19 Rapid Survey of Adherence to Interventions and Responses CORSAIR study”).

This was published this month about the previous months of Covid in this country.

Louise Smith et al, found just 18 per cent of persons in those months with Covid symptoms adhered to self-isolation, and only 11 per cent adhered to quarantine if contacted by test and trace.

In recent weeks as the number of Covid cases is rising, adherence to test, trace and isolate may have started to increase. This research reinforces the need for clear public health messaging, as well as for practical and financial support for people who are isolating.

The conclusion reads “Policies which support people financially and practically and providing and communicating about a testing system that is both effective and easy to access, will be key to increasing uptake (of test, trace and isolate). Targeted communications especially to men, younger age groups and key workers are likely to further increase uptake.”

Bolton Council’s Craig David and Rihanna inspired coronavirus campaign on-line posters are attracting attention and providing some amusing on-line reaction.

This suggests they are working and increasing the messaging in the Bolton Borough on Covid-19.

This is messaging for the younger generation that the posters are clearly aimed at. We all recognise that ‘community messaging and testing staff’ are on the frontline of the fight against Covid too.

Cllr Sue Haworth