A MANUFACTURER from Bury has taken its expertise across the Irish Sea for a major project in Dublin.

Safety seal experts Roxtec were commissioned by Irish pharmaceuticals outfit Guerbet for an upgrade at its plant near the capital.

And the scheme saw the Waterfold Park company run the full gamut of its specialist services.

Guerbet's main trade is in the diagnostic and interventional medical imaging fields and the work was carried out at one of their nine sites, on an industrial estate to the north of Dublin.

Mr Mills said: “We’ve worked with Guerbet on a regular basis, helping to support facility upgrades in hazardous areas.

"Our Ex cable transit devices are designed specifically for environments where it’s necessary to guard against the risk of explosion.

“We supplied Guerbet with transits offering Ex e protection, which provides increased safety for explosive gas atmospheres.

"These products have helped to create a safe work environment for the company’s employees by forming an airtight seal and isolating rooms with potentially hazardous gases. They also play a crucial role in protecting valuable equipment.”

The seals offered by Roxtec, a Swedish-owned brand, are often used to guard against fires, floods, explosion risks and electromagnetic disturbance.

Mr Mills added: "We created numerous drawings to support the Dublin upgrade project and have previously provided training to Guerbet’s installation teams.

"The firm typically requires seals to have 15 per cent spare capacity so future upgrades are quick and straightforward. The flexible design of Roxtec’s transits ensured this was easily achieved.”

The Bury firm unveiled a range of new products earlier this year, as well as making several key hires.