A SWEET-TOOTHED thief has been jailed for 20 weeks after he stole £23 worth of Double Decker chocolate bars.

Manchester magistrates heard how Guy Morrison, aged 30, of Lavender Road, Farnworth, repeatedly targeted B&M Bargains in Swinton.

On August 30 he stole the confectionary and taking £23 worth of more chocolate two days earlier.

One August 8 and 22 he entered to store to steal bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey worth a total of £40 and he was caught after going to B&M Bargains again on August 31 when he attempted to steal lager.

The court heard that Morrison was already subject to a suspended sentence for theft related crimes and he has a record of previous offending.

In addition to the prison sentence he was ordered to pay the store £200 in compensation.