Fast food fans can rejoice as McDonald's are bringing back some of their most popular items.

Several dishes will make a comeback to the menu tomorrow including the Chicken Legend and Apple Pie.

As the fast food chain reopened its restaurants when lockdown restrictions were eased, menus were limited to ensure staff could return safely.

But following a short test earlier this month, customers will be able to tuck into the meals they've been missing.

Tomorrow will see the return of the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Chicken Legend, Apple Pie, Toffee Latte, Millionaire's Donut and Carrot sticks.

The Apple Pie and Chicken Legend range have been among the most frequently requested ‘missing items’ from the menu. Whilst the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, which proved incredibly popular in August 2019, returns for the long-haul and benefits from the Government’s VAT reduction, available now for £4.29.

Carrot sticks also make a welcome return to the menu and enable customers to have a lunchtime treat for under £2 and under 600 calories.