Skies across the North West have been lit up by impressive lightning storms this week leaving everyone reaching for their phones to grab a picture - even celebrities.

Bolton's Paddy McGuinness took to Twitter to share his stunning snaps of a stormy sky.

The Top Gear presenter posted photos capturing lightning bolts against deep purple skies.

Paddy Tweeted: "Mother Nature showing us all who's boss. #Storm."

This Is Lancashire:

Lightning storms have been moving across the North West. Paddy resides in Cheshire but earlier this week Bolton residents captured their own photos of lightning in the town.

The influx of storms is due to the heatwave we're currently experiencing.

The hot, humid air leads to an unstable atmosphere as it reacts to the much colder air below.

More thunderstorms have been predicted by the Met Office across the region in the coming days.

This Is Lancashire: