POLICE discovered 250 cannabis plants at a property in Deane on Saturday.

Greater Manchester Police officers seized the plants from the house in Tavistock Road, near to Queen's Park.

The farm was accompanied by cannabis growing paraphernalia.

The raid on the house was conducted by officers from the local Neighbourhood Policing team.

Police have discovered several cannabis farms in the Deane area over recent months.

A farm worth around £141,000 was discovered at a flat in Merton Close late last year.

While at the flat for a totally unconnected purpose, intelligence officers discovered a "sophisticated" cannabis farm consisting of 176 cannabis plants.

Less than two months ago, another was discovered in Junction Road, Deane.

Officers from Greater Manchester Police's Bolton Intelligence Unit, supported by the Bolton West Neighbourhood Team and Student Officer Tutor Unit, carried out a raid on the property.

Almost every room in the five-bedroom detached house had been converted to grow drugs, police said.

Some 356 cannabis plants were found "at various stages of growth", as well as lighting, ventilation and irrigation equipment.