BUS and tram services across Greater Manchester will receive extra support to help them ramp up services ahead of expected increases in use in September.

Government sources say the financial aid will bring the total given to Metrolink to £44m.

Mayor Andy Burnham has welcomed the cash but called for the government to continue backing Metrolink for the rest of the financial year.

He added: "What we are asking for going forward to support the country’s largest tram network is a drop in the ocean compared to the transport package for London.

"The success of the Northern Powerhouse depends upon sustained investment in transport - both now and into the future.”

Bus services across the country will receive up to £218.4m of support over the next eight weeks, with rolling funding at up to £27.3 million per week afterwards, until a time when the funding is no longer needed.

Trams also have access to up to £37.4m over 12 weeks, at a rate of up to £3.1 million a week, with a further review planned.

The latest funding aims to safely get young people back in education settings and workers back to their offices.