A SISTER has paid a loving tribute to her sibling after she died, aged 46.

Dawn Fisher lost her batter to a rare form of cancer on July 28.

Her younger sister Carly has shared her memories of Dawn, a much-loved mum, daughter, sister and partner.

Carly said: “Dawn was just a really loving person. She would always be there for other people.

“She was beautiful, she had so many friends and family and everyone loved her. She was so friendly.

“I have loads of happy memories of her. Mum and dad loved her and we did everything together.

“We were joined at the hip, we had fun nights out, she was there when both my girls were born, she was the first person I told when I find out I was pregnant.

“Dawn was always there for me. As a family we have always stuck together and we were very close.

“She was a very generous auntie, she always went over the top with presents even when I asked her not to, she would turn up at Christmas with a huge sacks of presents.”

Carly praised Bolton Hospice for how they supported the family during Dawn’s final weeks.

Carly said: “They were really great, they cared for Dawn exceptionally.

“They were incredibly defensive of her wishes, she didn’t want people to know that she was ill and they helped keep everything private.

“The hospice let her partner Myron visit everyday, obviously it was difficult with covid because no one else could see her.

“Every day Myron would Facetime me so I could say hello, although for the last week she couldn’t speak but I would talk to her.

“It was lovely to see her face and for her to see me, one time she managed to say ‘I love you’.

“I can’t fault the hospice at all, they supported Dawn so much and they allowed us that final visit."

Dawn worked for a security firm which provides services for events such as festivals, but she will be best remembered as a loving neighbour in Cawdor Court, Farnworth.

Carly said: “They arranged a balloon release for her on Wednesday and everyone came together.

“Some of her friends have also donated money for funeral flowers. They’ve all gone out of their way for her.

“She was well known there and looked after a lot of her neighbours.

“If anyone was ever struggling she wouldn’t hesitate to help them."

Dawn’s funeral will be held today with the cortege leaving Farnworth shortly after 11am and arriving in Breightmet before a service at Tonge cemetery.

Carly has asked for donations to be made to Bolton Hospice.