HUNDREDS of people in Bolton have signed a petition calling for Britain’s colonial history to become part of the school curriculum.

A campaign group of sixth form students say the Government is denying their generation the tools to “dismantle systemic racism” by not mandating teaching about the Empire in schools.

As of yesterday more than 500 people in Bolton's three constituencies had signed a petition calling for MPs to change the curriculum.

The breakdown of signatures in each constituency is: Bolton West: 219 people signed. The figures for Bolton North East stood at 185 and Bolton South East 107.

The petition on Parliament’s website, created by Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson, amassed 234,000 signatures in its first week, meaning it will be considered for a debate in Westminster.

It calls for education to be made compulsory on topics such as Britain’s role in colonisation and the transatlantic slave trade.

It comes as similar calls are made locally in Bolton, with Bolton School and Canon Slade being asked to widen the curriculum. Both schools say they are responding to the calls and at Bolton School a review of the curriculum will take placed.

The death of American George Floyd while in police custody sparked Black Lives Matter protests throughout the UK, and sparked public debate on the nation’s history as a colonial empire.

A Department for Education spokeswoman said: “Racism in all its forms is abhorrent and has no place in our society.

“Schools already play a significant role in teaching children about the importance of respect and tolerance.

“Black history is an important topic which schools can teach to children of all ages as part of the history curriculum.”