THREE more people have now died at Royal Bolton Hospital after contracting coronavirus.

Figures released by NHS England this afternoon confirmed that the deaths of three patients at the borough's hospital had been linked to covid-19.

One death on Friday, one death on Sunday, and one death on Monday have been added to England's official coronavirus-related death statistics.

This is the highest number of deaths reported on one day since May.

The increase comes after one new death at the hospital was connected to covid-19 in figures published on Saturday.

Before this reported death, three and a half weeks have passed since the borough's last coronavirus-related death.

Four patients have now died this month after contracting the virus.

The Office for National Statistics believes that more than 55,000 people have now died in the UK after testing positive for covid-19, with 225 of these deaths taking place in the borough's hospital.

Overall, 1,805 cases of coronavirus have now been confirmed in Bolton, with over 285,000 people testing positive across the country.