A woman has been jailed after viciously robbing a woman and her grandchild in their own home.

29-year-old Shereena Oghani, of Holly Bank Close, Stretford has been jailed for 11 years after launching a vicious attack on a grandmother and grandchild ­— who she didn't know ­— at their home.

Shereena was sentenced today (July 2) at Manchester Crown Court after previously pleading guilty to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, robbery, common assault and breach of a suspended sentence.

The incident was committed on the afternoon of November 13 2019, at an unnamed address in Moss Side.

Oghani's savage attack lasted over 10 minutes where she forced her was into the victims house before attacking the woman with two knives, a chair, and a laptop, which she then stole.

The attack was so forceful that one of the knives used in the attack was bent completely out of position.

This Is Lancashire:

The victim's grandchild was also pushed and kicked in the ordeal.

The 29-year-old inflicted a large wound to the back of the woman's head, as well as causing her a petechial haemorrhage after strangling her with a scarf.

Following the attack Oghani left the scene and was seen by witnesses washing her bloody hands in a puddle in the street.

The victim was left unconscious but was later able to alert neighbours and alert the police to the incident.

Key DNA evidence was recovered from the scene, including Oghani's hearing aid, and CCTV footage helped police identify her, even after she fled to London after the incident.

This Is Lancashire:

Oghani was subsequently arrested.

Oghani has been jailed 11 years and ordered to be on licence for a further four years.

Detective Constable Mike Baylay, of GMP’s City of Manchester Central division, said: "This was a vicious and vile attack which saw the victim, quite frankly, left for dead and caused great distress for the woman’s young grandchild who was also targeted during this random act of savagery.

"While today’s verdict is a welcome result, it will do very little to heal the emotional and physical consequences that Oghani’s victim has suffered, and I hope that Oghani will find it within herself to portray any ounce of remorse while she sits behind bars.

"Aside from the brutality of the use of weapons, Oghani’s attempt to strangle the victim using a scarf showed a complete disregard for the woman’s life; the randomness and viciousness of Oghani’s actions mean the streets are much safer without her."