THERE are fears some students may slip through the cracks of the recent government U-turn on free school meals.

Yasmin Qureshi, MP for Bolton South East, said that she is “relieved” that the government changed its mind about free meals for pupils over the summer, following a successful campaign from Manchester United star Marcus Rashford.

But, after the issue was raised with her by a constituent, she fears that some young people, in the process of moving from Year 11 to further education, may lose out. She has raised the matter with Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson.

Ms Qureshi said: “Although I am relieved that the Government has agreed to continue the free school meals policy over the summer break, there is a concern that some students will fall through the cracks.

“Students who are moving from a primary school to a secondary school can apply for the Covid Summer Food Fund through their former primary school, even though they will not be returning there after the summer holidays.

“However, for students who are finishing year 11 and continuing their education after the summer break, it is not clear whether they will be eligible for the scheme through their former secondary school.

“I was contacted by a constituent whose son is in this situation.

“It is imperative that students have the resources that they need to learn and grow, including basic necessities like food. However, parents are not always able to provide everything their children need. This is why schemes like the COVID Summer Food Fund are important.”