MEMORIAL services were held across Lancashire and Greater Manchester for the victims of Dan Air Flight 1903 in 1970.

And small gatherings will take place tomorrow, as the families of those lost in the tragedy, unable to travel out to Spain, remember their loved ones.

It was the old Lancashire towns which bore the brunt of the casualties from the ill-fated de Havilland Comet’s final journey.

Aside from Yvonne Ridgley and Sandra Bolton, from Ainsworth, there were eight others from across Bury borough who perished.

These were named at the time as Ann Burns, 18, of Brecon Drive, Bury; Barbara Entwistle, 18, of Parkhills Road, Bury; Clive Taylor, 16, Old Ground Street, Ramsbottom; Geoffrey Holden, 17, Peel Brow, Ramsbottom; David Moss, 16, Square Street, Ramsbottom; David Wright, 17, Chesham Fold Road, Bury; and Sidney Pilkington, 30 and his wife Brenda, 24, Ebury Street, Radcliffe.

Their fates were bound up with those of whole Lancashire families.

All from Burnley, Raymond, Mary, Mark and Paul Cowpe, Raymond, Margaret and Alan Hargreaves, Roy, Patricia, Susan and Ann Marshall, and David, Mary, Richard and Nora Whitehead, were among the casualties.

Seven members of an amateur football side from nearby Padiham - Michael Searle, Stephen Bond, David Monk, David Lancaster, David Wilkinson and Malcolm Baker - were also killed.

Spanish documentary maker Ot Ordeig Ordeu has been working to produce a short film on their experiences, with their support.