A GRANNY is helping put the glamour into lockdown fitness at a Bromley Cross boot camp.

Local resident Louise Hazlewood set up a community fitness camp to help keep herself in trim during lockdown and enlisted the help of her exercise guru friend, Carrie Hilton, who has been dubbed Britain’s most glamorous grandmother.

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They set up at Little Brow Park just round the corner from Louise’s house, initially just over four weeks ago.

However, it took only one post on a Bromley Cross community Facebook page to capture the locals’ imagination.

Louise said: “I just needed to lose some weight but thought ‘lets see if anybody else wants to come’.

“The first session had about 15 people which grew to 50 by the end of that week.

“We asked the police and our local councillor if they had a problem with what we were doing but they were all for it.

“It’s just taken off in a massive way.”

Carrie, aged 38, also from Bromley Cross, teaches taekwondo and fitness. But despite her experience, the sessions even provide her with challenges.

She said: “It’s really hard work having to do star jumps and shout out to people with a 50 mile per hour wind in your face.

“It’s great to see people coming from everywhere, within the local community and even from places like Farnworth.”

Both women love the great community spirit at the bootcamps, with kids as young as 10 and friends in their 80s attending.

They are meeting local people they have never met before and friendships are blossoming at the camps.

Carrie said: “I didn’t know anyone that lives near me before this, so I’ve got to meet so many new people.”

Louise added: “People have already planned going on walks together after this.

“It’s really helped people’s wellbeing after being in lockdown for so long.”