TODAY marks 100 days of the unprecedented coronavirus lockdown.

On March 23, life as we know it changed beyond all recognition.

Workers swapped offices for back rooms, thousands were put on furlough and the school gates slammed shut for most pupils.

People were told they were only allowed to leave their homes for limited reasons, including shopping for food, exercise once per day, and medical needs.

All shops selling non-essential goods were told to close, gatherings of more than two people in public were banned, all events including weddings - but excluding funerals - were cancelled.

While the devastating pandemic gripped the nation, people tried to cope with the unfolding situation as best they could. From Zoom catch-ups with friends to online pub quizzes and the weekly clap for carers, everyone was finding ways to make the best of a bad situation.

The Lancashire Telegraph asked for your best pictures to sum up the past 100 days.

Catherine Howarth -

This Is Lancashire:

"Having our little girl in the middle of a pandemic. She'll be 8 weeks old on Wednesday."

Sharon and Alice Wingrove from Whalley -

This Is Lancashire:

"The prom dress that has not been worn. It’s hanging on the back of her bedroom door waiting to be worn.

Geoff Moss from Oswaldtwistle -

This Is Lancashire:

"We were a little worried how our grandson who has autism would cope with lockdown as he likes to have his routines, surprisingly he's loving it and knows how to make the most of a bad situation.

Nisa Kingham from Blackburn -

This Is Lancashire:

"At the start of lock down this little one couldn't even walk, now he beats his sister up daily and runs away.

Kerry Broughton -

This Is Lancashire:

"Happy at work at Hazeldene care home."

Kirsty Casey -

This Is Lancashire:

"My son wanted to make a difference and shaved his hair off for Chester zoo before they could reopen. He donated £320.

Deborah Clough from Blackburn -

This Is Lancashire:

"Learnt to skate backwards on lockdown after not skating for 37 years pushed my settee back had mini roller rink now to dare go outside that's the next challenge."

Andrew Trollope from Blackburn -

This Is Lancashire:

"Being shielded for nearly 16 weeks given me chance to watch the wildlife in my small back yard. Hummingbird hawk moth."

Ian Loynds -

This Is Lancashire:

I was sent this hamper with flowers and a nice card from my bank, offering their support after losing my dad to Covid. It's been a difficult 100 days and this photo serves as a reminder of that.

Janet E Whincup -

This Is Lancashire:

"Stay safe. In 100 days we did lots of gardening."

Andrew Lister -

This Is Lancashire:

"Themed nights at home, this was our Oscars!"

Melissa Macfarlane from Blackburn -

This Is Lancashire:

First pint. (It was takeaway only)

Chelle Comber -

This Is Lancashire:

"Lockdown with these three has been a blast."

Lisa Shakleton from Blackburn -

This Is Lancashire:

"Meeting our daddy after work."

Let us know in the comments what you've been doing to sum up your lockdown.