Two illegal off road bikes have been seized by police in Bolton this afternoon.

Two bikes, both unregistered, were stopped and seized, one in Kearsley and one in Stoneclough.

Both incidents were reported on GMP Traffic's Twitter page with both offenders reported by the police.

The first stop was made in Red Rock Lane, Stoneclough, where the bike was found to both be unregistered and uninsured.

The rider also failed to stop for police are driving dangerously and was criticised for not wearing a helmet or any protective gear, instead opting for shorts and a t-shirt.

The bike has been seized from the driver.

This Is Lancashire:

Another incident was later reported on the A6053 in Kearsley.

Once again this bike was unregistered and stopped accordingly.

This rider was reported for summons with their bike seized by the police.

The post on GMP Traffic Twitter added to this case: "Another one bites the dust."

This Is Lancashire: