Part of a major road was shut earlier today after a car flipped onto its roof.

A section of Beaumont Road between Junction Road West and Glengarth Drive was closed just after 12pm after a car flipped over the central reservation and onto the opposite side of the road.

No one was injured.

Crew manager Shaw said crews from Horwich Fire Station attended the incident and made sure the vehicle was safe.

Emergency services were on the scene for around 30 minutes.

This Is Lancashire:

Photographer Mark Power, who passed the scene shortly after the crash, said: "The officer I spoke to said that there were no injuries, which I found hard to believe.

"I got the feeling that the accident hadn't happened long before I got there, but the aftermath was quite dramatic.

"With the state of the car, I'm completely bemused as to how no-one in it was hurt.

"They should be buying lottery tickets tonight as the car was really crushed."