A NEW think tank which hopes to help the north recover from the impacts of lockdown has been created.

The Northern Policy Foundation (NPF) will be based in the north, and run by northern voices, to support the area through the covid-19 recession.

MP for Bolton North East Mark Logan will sit on the Parliamentary council for the group, and is excited to help meet Bolton's needs.

He said: “The north is going to drive the future of the United Kingdom and I want Bolton to be in the driver’s seat to become the engine for future growth.

"To do this we must bring together this new group of MPs that represent forgotten places, along with some of the leading minds, to debate ideas and understand how the North of England can become an even bigger contributor to UK plc. Bolton will benefit from this initiative.”

The NPF Parliamentary Council will be made up of new Conservative MPs from mainly Brexit voting seats.

Research and work by the group will focus on developing policy interventions and analysis to help the north of England flourish.

Five policy areas, opportunity, innovation and research and development, health and wellbeing, connectivity, and values, will be the main focus of the group.

Katherine Fletcher, MP for South Ribble, and Scott Benton, MP for Blackpool South, will also sit on the council.