HIPPY crack cannisters, empty alcohol containers, and a saw, believed to have been left in Barrow Bridge by Saturday night revellers has shocked residents.

The discarded rubbish was discovered on Sunday morning by Paul Clarke, who was walking his dog in the picturesque area.

Charred remains of a campfire, a handsaw, empty bottles, cans, cups, and plastic bags had been dumped on the patch of grass overnight.

Dozens of cannisters used to store the drug nitrous oxide, also known as hippy crack, were also found in the area.

Cllr Garry Veevers, who represents the village, has been to visit the area and hopes to get the site cleaned up quickly.

He said: "Obviously this is not what we want to see in this current climate, it's terrible that things like this are happening.

"Unfortunately this was almost inevitable, not everybody is as responsible as they should be and as the government's message becomes less clear, you have people who are either unsure about current guidelines or just completely disregarding them.

"We wish this kind of thing didn't happen but the best thing to do is to report it to us – people in this area have three very effective councillors who can work to get rubbish shifted.

"Reporting it to us means we're more aware of what is happening in the area, and enables us to do our duty and report it to the right people so we can get it moved as quickly as possible."

Neighbouring residents claim that this isn't the first time so much rubbish has been found, with the area sporting a similar amount of litter last Sunday morning.