A NIGHTCLUB bringing top DJs, saxaphone players, and dancers to Bolton nightlife is raring to open its doors.

The former Ikonic building on Nelson Square was taken over by new club Truth in February, and the town centre hotspot is eager to open as soon as it can.

Chris Roberts, the new owner of the site, has spent most of lockdown renovating the building, adding state-of-the-art light and sound systems.

He said: "There have been a lot of obstacles in getting people in to do work whilst keeping them safe.

"All you hear at the moment is doom and gloom but hopefully we'll be able to open soon and give people an avenue to let off some steam after lockdown.

"There's so much uncertainty, especially with travel, so we'll be trying to give things for people to do over the summer – big name DJs to give a hint of Ibiza for those who can't go, and just trying to bring a bit of fun back to the nightlife."

Truth will keep the two rooms seen in Ikonic, adding top end gadgets to treat guests to a light show during their time in the venue.

The building was damaged after it was repossessed from its old owners, who ran the site as Ikonic, after the club became a target as it lay empty. 

It has been completely refurbished, with brand new glass balustrades installed to replace the ones that had been broken, a full re-wiring project, and a detailed redecoration of each room.

Most of the work has been completed, but the club will need one final push to finish the last of the work once clubs across the country are given green lights to reopen.

Mr Roberts added: "We're all ready to go, we're just waiting for the government to give us the go ahead.

"It's tough times for everyone at the moment, so many people losing their jobs, and I want to give back jobs to local people.

"Our Facebook page is the first place for any jobs or announcements we have, and I want those to go to local people first."

Search @TruthBolton on Facebook for more details.