THE number of frontline healthcare workers who have died in Bolton with coronavirus is the second highest in Greater Manchester.

Three frontline healthcare workers based in Bolton have died after contracting the virus.

In Manchester, five have died with the infection.

The PA news agency has verified the deaths of 166 frontline healthcare staff with covid-19 during the pandemic.

Of those, 49 ­—29.7 per cent ­— were based in the Greater London area.

The North West, has had 22 healthcare workers die ­— 13.3 per cent ­— after testing positive for the virus. The deaths includes people who were working in roles shortly before their deaths where they were likely to come into contact with patients.

Staff at care homes have not been included in the figures as not enough reliable data was available.

The seven cities and towns which have recorded the highest covid-19 deaths of frontline healthcare staff are London, 51; Derby 6; Swansea,5; Cardiff , 5;Birmingham 5; Manchester, 4; Bolton,3;

Places with more than two frontline worker deaths: Worcester, Wigan, Whiston, Swindon, Southampton, Reading, Northampton, Middlesbrough, Liverpool, Leeds, Doncaster.

Lourdes Campbell,a healthcare assistant in Bolton, died after contracting the virus.

Known as "Des" to her colleagues, the healthcare assistant was remembered as "diligent and compassionate" by the Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.

In a statement on April 16, chief executive of the trust Fiona Noden said Ms Campbell died in the critical care unit at Royal Bolton Hospital after contracting the virus.