A father has been left unable to eat or drink without assistance after he was brutally attacked by two thugs this weekend.

His brother has made an impassioned plea to help support his brother through this difficult time for his family.

Paul Jones, 33, has been left with severe facial injuries after he was attacked outside the Mercury Hotel in Manchester Road, Westhoughton.

Mr Jones had been to the 24-hour BP garage in Manchester Road to buy tobacco before he was confronted by the men soon after leaving.

The father-of-three was brutally attacked after he began to walk away from the thugs who had asked what Paul had on him.

His bank card was subsequently taken and he was left helpless on the street.

This has left him needing assistance to eat and drink for at least the next six weeks due to the swelling caused to his face.

His brother, Lee Jones shared the incident via Facebook to raise awareness of the horrific act.

He Lee said: "He looks nothing like he should.

"He has three babies that have been left destroyed by the way he looks as he had to drag himself back home to get an ambulance.

"My brother does not deserve this he is the best father, brother, boyfriend to his girlfriend you could wish for, this was all for a packet of tobacco."

Lee said that his brother did not want the picture showing the extent of his injuries to be shared, but that he wanted to "put it everywhere" to show what the attackers have done to him.

Lee continued: "He deserves all the help he can get to help him recover as much as he can.

"I and my family are all completely heartbroken for my brother and his family ­— they don't deserve this.

"I'm so angry right now."

Greater Manchester Police were approached for more information.