POLICE have been cracking down on speeding drivers on Moss Bank Way.

Officers have been running a speed enforcement campaign across Greater Manchester.

This week, officers targeted speeding motorists on Moss Bank Way.

Within one hour they caught seven drivers ­— with one motorist said to have been hitting speeds of 54 mph.

Officers for GMP Traffic said: "As part of our speed enforcement campaign we have been out and about across Greater Manchester."

They added they stopped a driver of a VW Golf which had recorded a speed of more than 50mph.

Officers said: " She would also fail a roadside drug test and was arrested for drug driving and excess speed."

They added: "It's 30 for a reason."

Concerns have been raised across the borough that drivers have been taking advantage of quieter roads during the lockdown.

And forces across the country, including Greater Manchester Police (GMP), are making efforts to increase their presence and deter motorists from breaking the law.