MOST people have been going out for a walk, jog or cycle for their daily exercise as part of the lockdown rules that have been imposed during the coronavirus crisis.

But one resident in Bolton has been adopting a unique approach that has raised smiles in an uncertain period.

Residents have been rubbing their eyes in disbelief after seeing a popular superhero riding around the streets of the borough on a penny-farthing.

Pictures and video footage have emerged on social media of Spider-Man cycling around the town on the 19th century bicycle.

The superhero has changed tact from his usual method of getting around.

This Is Lancashire:

Spider-Man on his penny-farthing on Langham Close in Sharples

Character Peter Parker is famous for morphing into the costume and using his web-making skills to climb buildings.

But it seems he is now sticking to the ground like the rest of us.

And his comic intention has done the trick with many people sharing their own photographs of him online and commenting where they have seen him.

He has been captured riding on a number of roads in the borough, including Langham Close in Sharples, helping to put a smile on the faces of many.

The identity of the man behind the mask remains unknown though.

If you know who the Spider-Man penny-farthing rider is please email to let us know.