A MAN tried to smother his partner with a pillow, poured paint over her and turned the gas on in her home.

Daniel Wynne flew into a rage after taking drugs and drinking and subjected his partner to hours of assaults and abuse.

At Bolton Crown Court he was jailed for two years and eight weeks after admitting causing actual bodily harm, criminal damage and obstructing a police officer.

Recorder Tom Gilbart told him: “This was a prolonged and deeply unpleasant attack on your victim in which she was, at points, left fearing for her life.

“You sought to blame her — the blame is entirely on you and you should be utterly ashamed of yourself.”

Clare Thomas, prosecuting, told how drug addict Wynne and his partner had been in a volatile relationship for 13 years.

On January 12 Wynne went out to buy crack cocaine for himself and a bottle of Lambrini for her. Then, after she had given him more cash, went to the shop again and returned to their Eldon Street, Tonge Moor home with three more bottles of wine.

The victim told police that he then "just switched. It was like something in his head just changed."

Wynne started throwing white paint over the living room walls, carpet, furniture and TV.

"She couldn't believe what she was seeing," said Miss Thomas.

In a rage Wynne also threw a money jar at the window, smashing it.

"She was sitting on the sofa in shock at what the defendant had done. He said he was going to cripple her and make the world come falling down on her and her family," said Miss Thomas.

Wynne continued by assaulting her, grabbing her around the neck and squeezing for up to three minutes.

"The defendant said, 'why are you making me go mad. It's your fault.'," said Miss Thomas

Wynne, aged 36, snatched her phone from her, removed the battery and threw her on the sofa when she tried to leave and repeatedly punched her in the face.

"She was crying and begging him not to hurt her," said Miss Thomas.

The woman has mobility difficulties and Wynne went back into the kitchen and threw her commode across the room, smashing it.

When the victim made a remark about Wynne being drunk he tripped her up and stood on her head as she lay on the floor, telling her., "I am not finished with you yet."

At one point, at around 11pm, Wynne went upstairs and the woman could smell gas, He had turned the hobs on on the cooker and told her he was looking for a lighter.

He then poured the remainder of the paint over her.

Later the woman fell asleep on the sofa but woke to find Wynne trying to smother her with a pillow, telling her, "die bitch, you're going to die".

The next morning, when Wynne's brother arrived at the house he told him, "she winds me up, you don't understand".

When the woman's mother and sister arrived they took her to hospital where she was treated for extensive cuts and bruises.

Police tracked down Wynne but he became violent when arrested and set fire to a jacket in the back of the police van.

James Preece, defending, said Wynne, who was subject to a suspended prison sentence at the time for offences including assaulting his partner, had been addicted to drink and drugs since the age of 13.

But Recorder Gilbart said that, given Wynne's criminal record, he gave "little weight" to his expressions of remorse.

A restraining order was made banning Wynne from contacting his victim or going to her home.