A DOG covered in faeces was found staggering down a Blackburn street.

The female German shepherd was very thin and weak, as well as having matted fur.

A motorist spotted her in Pleckgate Road just before midnight on Thursday, January 30, moments before she collapsed.

The person put her into their car, before flagging a passing police officer down who took the dog to an emergency vets.

RSPCA inspector Demi Hodby said: “This poor dog was in a shocking state.

“She was unable to stand when she got to the vets and put straight on a drip.

“She was covered in faeces so it looks like she has probably been confined in her own filth for some time before she was found.

“She had a slip lead around her neck which looked like it didn’t belong to her, so I think someone may have attempted to catch her previously.”

The dog - who has been named Willow - was transferred to RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital for several days of hospitalisation before being moved to an RSPCA animal centre.

Her condition has deteriorated today and she has been moved back to the Manchester hospital.

She is described as being around four years old.

She was microchipped as a puppy, but unfortunately investigations have not led the RSPCA to her current owner.

Ms Hodby said: "I’m appealing for anyone who recognises her and has any specific information about who she was living with to get in touch with me.

"This dog was in a really bad way.

"She was very lucky to have been spotted and picked up when she was but clearly she is not out of the woods yet and I’m keeping everything crossed that she’ll be okay.

"If you know who owned her please call the RSPCA inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018 and ask to leave a message for me."