A HAMMER-wielding yob wearing no shoes or socks is believed to be behind a spree of destructive vandalism in Whitefield in which around five cars had their windscreens smashed.

Residents living in Stanway Road in Whitefield found their cars had been damaged after around 8pm on Thursday night.

A knife was also found between two vehicles in the street shortly after the vandalism had been discovered.

CCTV footage recorded by a man living in the street allegedly shows a lone, young male walking down the street and deliberately shattering the cars' front and rear windscreens.

An eyewitness reported that the man had been barefoot and carrying a bottle of Lucozade drink.

One couple whose family car's rear windscreen was smashed told the Bury Times that they were alerted to the damage by a neighbour at around 10pm.

They added: "We didn't hear anything at the time because we were putting the children to bed.

"The windscreen had been totally smashed through.

"It has been a real nightmare for us because we have had to get taxis everywhere today and we had to sort out child care while we got the car fixed – it's been a massive inconvenience.

"It's upsetting because it's a quiet area. We have lived here for four years now and never had anything like this before."

Residents also said they were at a loss as to why someone should target them.

One said: "I'm a bit angry that I've had to pay money out to get my window fixed.

"I'm not worried but it does make you wonder why someone would go along the road doing this."

Another added: "This is a residential area and usually it's a quiet street, it's not like there are youths hanging around all the time.

"One of my neighbours is in her 80s and another in her 60s and this mindless vandalism has just been such an inconvenience for everyone.

"Anyone would be frustrated and angry and wonder why they have been targeted. Because with the people they have affected there's no reason to attack their vehicles."

It is understood that the vandalism has been reported to police and GMP have been approached for comment.