A 23-YEAR-old man who broke his neck in a shock motorbike smash is asking for help to fund a last-ditch trip to see a doctor in America who could help him walk again.

Liam Tate was left with no movement in his legs after crashing his motorbike as he was riding down Darwen Road towards Bromley Cross on his way home from work in May last year.

The impact of the landing broke his neck and the former welder was rushed to the hospital where doctors fused his spine together with metal rods and screws during an emergency operation.

Despite seven months of horrific pain and a one in 10 chance of survival, Liam has managed to get out of hospital and is living in a bungalow in Chorley Old Road, supported by his family.

Paralysed from the chest down, he is planning a trip to the US to visit a clinic which performs miraculous procedures with stem cells.

“The accident changed my life forever,” he said. “But, I have spoken to a number of people who have had this procedure and they were very positive.

“One person has regained full hand movement and another was actually able to walk again unassisted.

“I would be so grateful if anyone could donate to my cause so I can go and have the procedure done too.”

Liam is trying to raise £10,000 through a page on campaign website GoFundMe. The money will be split between the £6,950 cost of the procedure, plus flights, consultation and later rehabilitation.

While he has been able to leave hospital, Liam is currently struggling with the changes he has had to make in his life.

“It’s been very hard getting everything sorted,” he explained. “Getting home has been tough, I haven’t got the right equipment available. I haven’t been able to get the correct wheelchair yet, it’s been really difficult.”

Currently, Liam’s campaign has raised around £80 towards his trip after three days of fundraising but he is hoping the page can help him to tackle the huge financial challenge he currently faces.

To donate to the fundraiser or read more about his life, visit: bit.ly/2t1X3Ys