A MAN suspected of being behind the wheel when his car collided with a parked vehicle was found in a nearby house, covered in blood and clearly drunk.

Blackburn magistrates heard the windscreen of the car had been smashed by the driver’s head before witnesses saw him leave the scene and enter a nearby property.

Jimmy Maughan, 24, of Hudson Street, Burnley, pleaded guilty to failing to provide a sample following the crash in Lytham Road, Blackburn.

He was made subject to a community order for 12 months with a six months' alcohol treatment requirement, five days rehabilitation and 100 hours' unpaid work.

He was ordered to pay £200 compensation to the owner of the parked car, £85 costs and £90 victim surcharge. He was banned from driving for three years and ordered to re-take his driving test.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said the collision occurred at 11.15am. When officers confronted Maughan at the house he was covered in blood and appeared very drunk.

He said the officers hadn’t seen him driving and could not prove that he had been.

Peter King, defending, said by failing to comply with the request for a breath sample Maughan made it unnecessary for the police to prove he had been driving.

He said Maughan was drinking because of the breakdown of his marriage and not being allowed to see his children.