A Preston mum has spoken out after her son was permanently excluded from Eden Boys' School for an altercation outside of school hours.

Famida Hussain said her son, aged 15 got involved with a scuffle with pupils from the same school outside the Jamea Mosque on Clarendon Street in Preston after 7pm on Thursday January 9. The next morning at 8am her son who attends Eden Boys' School in Preston was told he had been excluded from the school.

She was then told on the following Tuesday that her son has been permanently excluded. The fight was broken up says Famida by the head of year at the school who also happens to be a teacher at the Mosque.

The school which is part of Blackburn based Star Academies told us they would not comment on individual cases and ‘All pupils were aware of the high behavioural standards that are expected of them’.

Famida said: “This was a fight outside school hours and had nothing to do with the school. The boys made up and in the evening we visited the other family’s home. “But the next morning my son was told he was excluded.

There was no meeting and I was not even contacted. “My son was told in the morning, ‘Do you have you mobile on you, call your mum and ask her to come in'.

“Why, if the fight was outside of school hours has this action been taken by the school?.

How was a decision made so fast over night? I want to know how this was investigated by the school in the evening and by the time my son came to school in the morning?.” Famida said she is also concerned that her son was singled out by being permanently excluded.

She added: “I am really disappointed how this has been handled by the school. Especially since the other lads who were involved in this incident were only temporarily excluded whereas my son has been permanently excluded.”

“The other boys were allowed back in on Wednesday January 15. This was my son’s first infraction of this nature.

“My son was doing really well in school and has so much potential and was getting good grades and has a good attendance. Why did this not factor in when a decision was made?”

When asked whether how an investigation was carried out overnight, the Star Academies said it was unable to comment on individual disciplinary cases concerning its pupils. Star Academies would also not comment on Famida’s other concerns.

The spokesman added: “All of our pupils are aware of the high behavioural standards that are expected of them.

“Our parents and pupils receive regular communication regarding our expectations and we will always work to uphold our behavioural standards.”