AN OBSERVANT milkman helped police after spotting two men trying car and house doors while he was out on his rounds.

Robert Fitton was making deliveries in Corner Brook, Chew Moor, when he spotted the hapless pair sneaking down the street attempting to open any unlocked doors.

He called police to let them know and within ten minutes officers had arrived on the scene.

Two men, aged 31 and 26, have now been arrested over the incident, with the older man found to be wanted over a breach of court order in Adlington.

Mr Fitton is from Moss Hall Farm and his family has been running the milk route in the area for 42 years. He said he was pleased that he had been able to help.

"We were starting our rounds at 2am in the morning and I got dropped off at a customers house," he explained.

"I saw the men basically going up every drive and trying car doors and house doors to see if they would open.

"I was keeping a low profile and then they disappeared down a street but I knew they couldn't get out of the other end of the road.

"We called 101 because we didn't think it was a big emergency and they arrived really quickly. There were three or four police cars and they managed to get the men.

"We were probably there for half an hour afterwards and it delayed us on our round but it's good to be able to help out, we're a part of the community."

Both of the men who were arrested were found to be in possession of stolen goods, according to police.

The duo remain in custody for questioning.