SHOCKING footage has captured the moment a woman defecates on a pavement.

CCTV footage shows the woman walking behind a minibus, squatting down and dropping her pants to defecate in the street, near the wheel in Churchill Road, Little Harwood, on Monday, at 6.50am.

Residents assumed the nasty surprise had been left by a dog owner who had not cleaned up their animal's mess but were outraged when they checked CCTV. 

Eazay Khalid, who sent the footage to the Lancashire Telegraph, said he was disgusted the act took place outside his home.

He said: "My dad came out and said the smell was disgusting, we checked the CCTV to catch the dog owner but then realised it wasn't a dog.

"My dad had to jet wash the path and minibus wheels. At 8am the nursery school children arrive and it's busy, so we had to make sure no kids get in contact with it."

This Is Lancashire:

The footage shows the woman crossing the street and defecating, before cleaning herself and walking away.

This Is Lancashire:

Mr Khalid added: "It's disgusting and vile, then they walk off without any care.

"I have rang the police for vandalism on our street, fly tipping, robberies and assaults on our street and to be honest they never come out or by the time they do it's a few days later.

"They don't take it seriously so on this occasion I thought I'm not wasting my time and hassle I need to get it removed asap."