THE FUTURE of a popular Post Office is set to be decided “by the end of this week”, according to national bosses.

The Farnworth Post Office branch, in Brackley Street, has been temporarily closed recently, causing concern from residents.

Despite notes saying it would reopen on Monday, January 13, residents found the store still closed, with no explanation.

A consultation into moving services into nearby Zam Zam Newsagents was launched in October last year and ended on January 2.

A spokesman for the Post Office apologised for the sudden closure and explained that the consultation is currently being reviewed.

If given the go ahead, it is understood that the switch to Zam Zam could take place as early as February 5.

The spokesman said: “Farnworth Post Office is currently temporarily closed as the premises are no longer available for Post Office use.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the unplanned temporary closure.

“In the interim, alternative branches include New Bury, Highfield Road and Crescent Road.

“We recently consulted on re-locating Farnworth Post Office to nearby Zam Zam news.

“We are currently looking at all the feedback received and we plan to make a decision announcement by the end of this week.”

The closure means residents have been unable to access vital services.

Farnworth councillor Maureen Flitcroft said residents are waiting for an update.

She explained: “The lack of communication from the Post Office has been the biggest problem for people.

“Not knowing if it will be today or tomorrow or the rest of the week is an issue.

“It’s really difficult to find out what’s going to happen and that doesn’t help the elderly people who have to get two buses to get there.

“There really needs to be a clear statement from the Post Office telling people what’s going to happen.”

Customers have been advised to use other branches in New Bury and Highfield.