Two drug drivers were taken off the road last night by officers.

The patrol identified as "XT14" was responsible for both arrests in the town.

First, officers spotted a Renault Scenic on an Irish numberplate in Chorley New Road – and later found out the stolen car was being driven by someone under the influence of drugs.

The GMP Traffic team tweeted about the incident at 12.54am, saying: "Stopped on Chorley New Road Lostock, something clearly wasn't right with the Irish plated Renault Scenic.

"A little digging by #TrafficPCSO and it's found to be a UK stolen vehicle.

"Driver also failed drug test and was arrested by #XT14 – car recovered."

Just a few minutes later, the account posted another tweet about the same patrol stopping a Ford Transit in Farnworth.

The 12.59am tweet read: "Ford Transit was stopped by #XT14 on Market Street, Farnworth.

"Driver couldn't hide the smell of the beers he'd just had. The breath kit told the rest of the story. 73 at the roadside.

"Also failed a drug test. In custody provided evidential reading of 65!"

Both tweets were accompanied with the "fatal 5" hashtag.

The fatal five are the top causes of serious injuries and deaths on the roads, and consist of excessive speed, not wearing a seat belt, using a mobile phone, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and careless or inconsiderate driving.