A BOLTON boyfriend has been left flogging 100 copies of a calendar covered in scantily-clad pictures of himself after going a click too far.

Shirtless wonder Dean Spencer dreamt up a plan to surprise his girlfriend of one-year for Christmas.

Photoshop master Dean created a calendar filled with flirty fun, adding snaps of him protecting his modesty with a variety of seasonal items.

But disaster struck with a slip of the hand when Dean ordered 100 editions by accident instead of just the one.

It wasn't until 26-year-old Dean saw the huge box of copies arrive at his door that he realised his glaring mistake.

Speaking about the mix-up, sales manager Dean said: “It was meant to be a bit of fun for my girlfriend. I took my clothes off and got my Photoshop on.

"I couldn’t believe when I opened the boxes and realised I’d somehow managed to order 100 by mistake. I didn’t know how to tell my girlfriend.”

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At first, Dean kept the catastrophe quiet. In the end, it was a little Dutch courage that helped him come clean.

As for girlfriend Jamie Wilkes, 24, she thought the mishap was hilarious, saying: "He put a lot of effort in to this – I’m just glad I didn’t open it in front of my parents.

"The fact he’s ended up with 100 of them is just the icing on the cake.”

Instead of letting 99 of his masterpieces go to waste, Dean is frantically trying to shift the extra copies onto friends, family and new found fans.

But rather than keeping the profits for himself, Dean is donating the money to charity. 

Picking a cause close to his heart, local hero Dean is sending all money to Prostate Cancer UK - a charity hoping to end the disease his beloved grandfather is fighting. 

On his JustGiving page, Dean said: "I thought it would be good to raise a bit of money for a good cause, through my embarrassment."

To donate to the cause, head to justgiving.com/fundraising/dean-spencer4

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