GHOST stories have been told about Turton Tower for hundreds of years.

Now a paranormal investigator believes he may have captured a chilling image during a nighttime walk in the grounds of the 15th century historic landmark.

This Is Lancashire:

Daniel Hurst, from Paranormal Encounters UK, visited the grounds last Thursday with his daughter as part of his investigations.

And 20 minutes into the walk, Daniel, from Bolton, said he felt a great sense of unease, with his daughter, Hannah, saying she felt as if someone was grabbing at her arm throughout the walk.

But it was not until the Facebook live stream was examined later and slowed down an eerie image, possibly an outline of a figure, can clearly been seen.

This Is Lancashire:

And it was one of a number of inexplicable events which happened in gardens of the Grade II-listed tower on the night which left the pair feeling uneasy.

The tower has a number of ghostly legends associated with it concerning a lady and ‘screaming’ skulls.

Daniel, who lives in Bolton, said: “We went to do our own little investigation at around 8pm in the grounds and live streamed it on Facebook.

“After about 19 minutes my daughter complained she felt has she was being grabbed, she is okay, but she felt as if her arm was being grabbed. I heard a sound next to her."

He added: "I am very interested in the paranormal but I am a sceptic as much as I am a believer.

“I don’t know what it was, but you can see something when you slow it down.”

Daniel, along with with Cindy Louwho, Joanne Liceon and Andy Drinkwater, set up Paranormal Encounters UK in October.

“This is the best piece of evidence I have caught so far,” said Daniel, who added he also saw a ‘pulsating’ beam of light which seemed to be coming towards them.

This Is Lancashire:

The image caused a stir of excitement on the group’s Facebook page.

Daniel, who with the team has carried out investigations in South Yorkshire, Lancashire, Bolton and North Wales, said: “I have been interested in this for a long time and and I thought now that I am nearly 40 , I should do it. I want Paranormal Encounters UK to become really big, and anyone who wants the team to do an investigation can message us on Facebook.”

Numerous people have reported experiencing bizarre phenomena at Turton Tower. One of the recurring stories is that of a lady dressed in a long mourning gown heard to shuffle among the rooms of the hall, sobbing.

In 2016, Erica Gregory of the Worsley Paranormal Group is thought to be the first to have captured the first chilling image of the spectre long-known to haunt the grounds of Turton Tower. To find out more about Paranormal Encounters UK visit its Facebook page.