WEATHER forecasters have issued a 'Yellow' warning for the risk of ice on roads for the North West of England tonight.

The Met Office say drivers should be aware of the likelihood of ice between 3am and 10.30am overnight and they should expect 'icy patches on some untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths and also that the 'icy surfaces may make injuries or accidents more likely'.

There were areas of rain and hill snow seem likely to affect many areas for a time on Sunday night into Monday, as temperatures to dip more widely below zero.

It was expected to be a cold night with regular showers which were expected to be wintry on higher ground and fog patches on hills.

They say that Monday will be a dry and brighter days with a few isolated showers and winds will be lighter so it will be less cold and a maximum temperature of 6°C.

Meanwhile for the rest of the week, we should expect a dry and sunny Tuesday but there will be widespread overnight frost and some patchy freezing fog.

It will be less cold and wetter later on Wednesday but it will remain unsettled on Thursday.