NEW measures to prevent vehicles travelling up and down a notorious Ramsbottom road during wintry conditions could soon be put in place.

Bury Council has unveiled proposals to erect snow gates on Rawsons Rake and along a section of Chapel Lane, which have seen several vehicles crash during icy and snowy weather in recent winters.

The plans, which are yet to be approved, have been welcomed by residents, many of whom have previously raised safety concerns about the roads.

A spokesman for the Tanners Traffic Residents Association said: “We are very happy about this notice and it is the most sensible way forward ­— especially for the children going to school at the top and residents who keep getting their properties damaged. The reaction not just from us but from the wider community is showing great support for the measures.”

The Rake route is commonly used by motorists as a link between Ramsbottom and Holcombe, as well as by parents of Emmanuel Holcombe Primary School pupils. But it can become treacherous in icy weather due to its extremely steep gradient.

In January two cars crashed into a wall on The Rake in the space of a few hours, injuring two people.

Residents have also previously raised fears that a child may be killed if the road is not closed during bad weather.

Previous efforts have been made by the council to improve winter safety on The Rake, including placing warning signs at the top and bottom of the route.

And in severe weather a temporary road closure system of further warning signs and cones is implemented.

However the council says this has been “persistently ignored” by a number of drivers, some of whom have even removed the signs to continue using The Rake. To tackle the problem the council is proposing to utilise demountable gates which will be erected every October and taken down in April.

A full gate will be in place at the top of The Rake, with a gap for pedestrians, and a half gate at the bottom, to allow access for residents only. The gates will be operated by the council’s winter maintenance service and locked closed and open.

A justifying statement issued by the council said: “Given the ongoing problems and safety concerns, the council is looking to implement a more formal system of closure in adverse weather conditions that can be implemented by the use of a fixed snow gate system and supporting warning signs.

“The measures are proposed in the interests of public safety to avoid danger to persons or other traffic using the road.”

A public consultation on the proposals will run until December 20.