AMIR Khan has surprised fans with a new hairdo - even shocking his own child.

The former world champ has taken the bold decision to dye his hair grey and posted a video to Facebook showing his daughter Alayna's reaction.

The clip shows the youngster crying loudly with Khan's caption "Haha Alayna didn’t recognise daddy".

This Is Lancashire:

Bolton's Khan appears to have been spending more of his time in the town and recently popped up at newly opened Heavenly Desserts in Deansgate.

He made a surprise appearance at the shop to support their charity work.

Evangelos Elioumis, from Heavenly Desserts, said staff were gobsmacked when the ex-champ came in for a bit to eat.

"Amir was visiting because of a charity event we had on called the Charity Day of Giving," he explained.

This Is Lancashire:

"50 percent of all our takings are going to the Syrian water appeal.

"Amir just showed up on the day, it wasn't something that was planned but we were pleased to see him."