A MUM with dyslexia and anxiety has opened up about how she deals with the daily struggles of motherhood in a blog.

Lindsey Ahmet from Bolton suffers with anxiety, dyslexia and is currently undergoing treatment for endometriosis, a painful disorder lining the inside of the uterus.

Mrs Ahmet is a 32-year-old mum to two children aged six and 10, who are also at the beginning of a process of getting assessed for autism.

The graphic designer and photographer admits it can be a struggle but loves spending time with her children.

She said: “I started the blog on my Instagram for a number of reasons, and one is to give our friends and family more insight into our daily life as we get lots of questions asking if my son really is autistic.

“It is a very big personal struggle for me to keep everything together every day as I suffer with anxiety.

“I find so many times that a lot of ignorance towards autism is lack of knowledge or experiences to understand it, so I wanted to make that easier for people we talk to.”

The mum also explains why bullying is an issue she often addresses, she said: “My daughter has had to deal with name-calling, other children pushing her, taking her things, and even hitting her and threatening her if she tells the teachers.

“The bullying has worn her self esteem down to nothing, and she is so sensitive now to anything that happens to her at school.

“My hope is that we make being kind the new trend among children.”

For bullying awareness week, Mrs Ahmet posted a picture of her daughter holding a poster with the hashtag ‘be kind’, to both raise awareness and make her daughter feel strong.

But this is not the only thing the family have to deal with, as other struggles include the children’s up and down behaviour due to autism. Mrs Ahmet said: “Some of our daily struggles include meltdowns from both children for various reasons, these can include the kids screaming or crying, throwing things and trashing their bedrooms.

"We have to pre-warn for any slight changes in routine, a trip out has to be planned and approved by both children.

“This is just a small amount of what we go through daily, but we power through. We are hoping once we get a diagnosis for both the kids SO that they will get better help and support at school." Follow the family on Instagram at autisticmumma