BROTHERLY love went out of the window when a man turned up demanding to use his sibling’s car and asking for money.

Blackburn magistrates heard Ben Anthony Swainston and his brother ended up fighting and Swainston appeared in the dock with a black eye.

Swainston, 35, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to damaging a letterbox belonging to Amy Monaghan , damaging the rear window of her car and racially aggravated threatening behaviour. He was sentenced to eight weeks in prison and ordered to pay £200 compensation.

Joann Cronshaw, prosecuting, said Miss Monaghan was the partner of the defendant’s brother.

Swainston had turned up at their house asking to borrow her car and became aggressive when she refused.

“The defendant and his brother had a fight and the defendant left,” said Mrs Cronshaw.

“He came back at about 1.30am and started kicking at the front door, damaging the letterbox.

“There was a second fight between the two brothers and as Swainston left he smashed the rear window of the car.”

Mrs Cronshaw said at the police station Swainston shouted racist abuse at another detainee who he had never met before.

Daniel Fraser, defending, said Swainston accepted he had been responsible for creating the situation at his brother’s home. “His brother has taken some action of his own as you can see from the state of my client’s face,” said Mr Fraser.

“In an act of petulance he smashed the car window as he left.”

Mr Fraser said the individual who was subjected to the racist abuse at the police station had nothing at all to do with his client.

“He was just in a mood and that person bore the brunt of it,” said Mr Fraser.