A RELATIVE of the mother of five whose house was devastated by a fire last week has said that they have been "overwhelmed" with the generosity and kindness.

The young family were left devastated after a fire ripped through a children's bedroom destroying all their possessions including their Christmas presents.

The fire broke out just after 11pm on November 27, when the family are believed to have gone to stay with relatives after a power cut.

Writing on a Westhoughton community group, Claire Conway said: "Amazing people of Westhoughton and surrounding areas we have been overwhelmed with your generosity and kindness for my sister in law and her 5 children after the house fire on Wednesday evening on Wigan Road.

"We can't thank people enough for their donations of money, furniture, clothing etc. It's been non-stop at all drop off points and my house. Really thank you so so much.

She added that there has been "more than enough" donated in terms of furniture and clothing and that no more is needed.

She also thanked businesses that have helped out and the various drop off points around the area for taking in donations.